The Forfeit

**FINALIST - Best Director, Best Production Design, Best Sound Design - The British Short Film Awards 2022**
**SEMI-FINALIST - London Film Week 2022**
**WINNER - Best Screenplay, Best Score - Kino London Short Film Festival 2023**
**WINNER - Best Director - Thriller - London Director Awards 2023**
**WINNER - Best UK-Made Short - The Gogs International Short Film Festival 2022**
**NOMINATED - Best Production Design - Underwire Festival 2022**
**NOMINATED - Best Director, Best Cinematography, Best Sponsored Short - Kino London Short Film Festival 2023**
**NOMINATED - Best in Festival, Best Horror - Beeston Film Festival 2023**
**NOMINATED - Best Female Written/Directed/Produced Short - Scream Queen Film Festival 2022**
**OFFICIAL SELECTION - British Shorts Berlin 2023**
**OFFICIAL SELECTION - Cinema Columbus Film Festival 2023**
**OFFICIAL SELECTION - Final Girls Berlin Film Festival 2023**
**OFFICIAL SELECTION - The Midnight Film Festival 2023**
**OFFICIAL SELECTION - Brighton Rocks Film Festival 2023**
**OFFICIAL SELECTION - Bute Street Film Festival 2023**
**OFFICIAL SELECTION - Chapter Moviemaker 2023**

A young Welsh woman visits her English boyfriend’s eccentric family on Christmas Eve and is forced to play their traditional parlour game. As she plays, she begins to uncover a dark secret in the family’s past.

A short dark comic thriller.

Writer/Director - Josie Charles and Phoebe Brooks
Producer - Amy George and Lily Donnelly
Director of Photography - Jack Worrall
Editor - Hunter Allen
Composer - Gonzalo Varela
Colourist - Jessica Vile

Production Company - RD Content